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Do you have plenty of stains on your home carpets and tiles? Do you want to clean up the upholstery and are wondering how? There are answers to every one of these questions. Find simple answers to frequently asked questions regarding carpet cleaning and stain removal here below.

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Why is the use of carpet condition important?

Carpet Cleaning Studio City always recommends that you use some sort of condition. This is because it is wonderful when it comes to restoring crushed piles. When you use it you will feel as if your entire floor has come back to life particularly. It also dislodges dirt and makes cleaning easier.

How long does it take a carpet to dry?

It could take anywhere between four and eight hours. However the final result will largely depend on the weather and the material from which your carpet is made. For example a very thick one will take ages to dry during the winter. Circulation in the property can help.

How is the cleaning solution used?

Once stain removal solution is injected into the carpet, the carpet is left to absorb the commercial carpet cleaning solution. Then a machine will suck out the water along with the dirt embedded in the carpet. With this, dirt and mold removal becomes easy.

Can carpet cleaning be harmful to children and pets?

All the products used in carpet cleaning services are safe for use not only for children and pets, but are additionally eco-friendly products safe for the environment. Almost all of the material introduced to the carpet surface is removed along with the soil and dirt during the cleaning method.

Can I get sick because of a dirty carpet?

It depends. If you already have allergies and don't clean your carpets well, the dust accumulated among fibers might have bad effects on you. In order to avoid health problems as an overall, our carpet cleaning specialists recommend vacuuming often. You should also air the house regularly and find the right ecofriendly products in order to shampoo the carpet once in a while to remove bacteria and dust. This way, you will remain healthy.

How long does my carpet dry after a professional carpet cleaning service?

The drying time will vary from 2 to more than 8 hours. You'll need to consider the thickness of the material of your carpet, the current weather, the humidity of the room and the presence or absence of circulating air.


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