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How to Avoid Residue after Carpet Cleaning

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How to Avoid Residue after Carpet Cleaning

Avoid Residue after Carpet Cleaning | Carpet Cleaning Studio City CA

One of the signs that you have not followed the correct procedures for carpet cleaning is where there is too much residue left behind. The retail outlets in Studio City normally have leaflets which you can consult if you feel that there is something that is not entirely clear. However the vast majority of home owners need further support. This is not just an issue in CA. Some experts believe that residue is inevitable and therefore the question is one of degree.

Controlling the Outcome of Carpet Cleaning

The first reason for the residue is the use of the wrong detergent. You should not seek to save money at the expense of quality when engaging in carpet cleaning. An alkaline rinse is of the essence but you should not go overboard. The same thing applies for an acid rinse. Water is great in these conditions but you have to watch out for mold and damp carpets which are notoriously dirty. In other words the correct use of the carpet cleaning materials will reduce the residue.

Using Powerful Detergents Without Staining the Carpet

If you feel that you have a heavy load on the detergent side then you can turn off the heat. In any case if you do not do this then the foam will reduce the speed with which you can clean. Where these situations arise you should turn off the heat and then use cold water. A touch of acid will also reduce the foaming so that you can work normally. Other people have used a product known as a de-foamer which is added to the machine. ‘All in One’ packages are preferable in such situations.

Dealing with Strong Alkaline Residues on the Carpet

There are times when you have no option but to deal with an alkaline residue which is strong. Try to neutralize it chemically in order to reduce the incidence of crusty finishes on the carpet or rug. A pre-conditioner can do the same job regardless of whether you are using an acid-based product or an alkaline-based product. It is never a good idea to use more chemicals than you need. This is just one of the many rug cleaning tips available on the web.


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